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To conduct a search in Handistatus II, select the required criteria in the table on the left of the introductory screen.

There are four possible criteria: region, country, disease, year. For each choice entered, a list of the different types of information available appears in table on the right. Click on the active headings in the table on the right to display tables with the information available in the OIE Central Bureau database. Each table has a link in the rop right-hand corner to a help screen with explanations of the codes used in the tables. On some pages there are also links inside or outside the tables to access other relevant tables or notes.

Please note:

  • For the time being it is not possible to choose several items for the same criterion (e.g. several years or several different diseases).
  • For List A diseases, countries send the OIE both monthly and annual reports. Please note that as yet there is no direct link between the monthly data and the data obtained from the annual reports. Consequently, to obtain information on the occurrence of List A diseases in recent months, the modules from the section "Monthly animal disease status (List A)" should always be consulted. To do so, you should select a country as well as a List A disease.
  • For List B diseases, data is collected only once a year.