Volume 24 (3) of the Scientific and Technical Review contains 27 articles submitted by experts from all parts of the world, brought together under the following headings: Epidemiology and veterinary economics, organisation of Veterinary Services and service delivery, reports, and communications.

The articles describe different animal disease surveillance strategies and control and eradication of important animal diseases (e.g. H5N1 virus in Japan). The economic impact of animal diseases on global trade is also studied, and the epidemiology of different diseases is described in various countries. Veterinary public health organisational models and veterinary diagnostic laboratory quality control are also discussed.

The Review also constitutes a unique vehicle for the publication of reports on the situation of various animal diseases in the world, in particular in countries whose animal health situation receives little or no publicity otherwise (e.g. brucellosis in Nigeria). Last but not least, readers of this issue of the Review will find articles by internationally renowned researchers on diagnostic methods (brucellosis, FMD, campylobacteriosis) as well as articles on diverse subjects, such as the organisational aspects of the translation of the OIE Manual of diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals into Spanish.