Currently in Japan, there are 32,000 active veterinarians, mainly engaged in small and large animal practice and public animal health and public health services. In the face of the notable increase in recent years in the proportion of female students enrolled in veterinary schools and in the number of households with companion animals, a model was developed to predict the supply and demand of veterinarians toward 2040 in Japan. Surveys were conducted on sampled households and veterinarians to estimate input variables used in the supply and demand model. From this data it is predicted that there might be somewhere between a shortage of 1,000 to an over-supply of 3,700 veterinarians engaged in small animal practice in 2040. This, however, will depend on possible changes in the number of visits made to veterinarians by small animal owners and the efficiency of practices in the future. The model also predicts that there will be a shortage of around 1,100 veterinarians in large animal practice in 2040. Considering the many assumptions made to estimate the input variables used in the model, the results of this study do not provide definitive conclusions, but provide a base for discussions on what will be needed in the veterinary profession in the future.
Japan – Large animal practice – Prediction – Small animal practice – Supply and demand analysis – Veterinarian.