M. Pérez Ruano, A. Encinosa, O. Sánchez, J.I. Mackey, M.I. Percedo, M.A. Abeledo, N. Montes de Oca, R. López, M. Toledo & R. Bolaños
A serum bank for the surveillance of exotic diseases was designed in accordance with the provisions of the Information and Epizootiological Surveillance System in the Republic of Cuba. Sera were collected from imported animals, from sentinel animals used for monitoring target areas at biological risk and from animals located in high animal-density areas. Methodologies were developed for the selection and characterisation of target areas at biological risk and sentinel animal points, the collection and storage of serum samples and the management of the national animal serum bank. After developing the methodologies, the serum bank was established throughout Cuba. The national animal serum bank operates using a quality management system based on the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health and the International Organization for Standardization.
Animal – Cuba – Epizootiological surveillance – Exotic disease – Serum bank.