P.F. Favaro, D. Reischak, P.E. Brandão, E.M.C. Villalobos, E.M.S. Cunha, M.C.C.S.H. Lara, G.U. Benvenga, R.A. Dias, E. Mori & L.J. Richtzenhain

Summary (continued)

Although there was no statistical difference among treatments, receptor-destroying enzyme treatment followed by chicken erythrocyte adsorption showed more consistent results, which corroborate the OIE and WHO recommendation to use this treatment preferentially. The HI results suggest equine H3N8 virus circulation among the animals tested from São Paulo State. The algorithm suggested here could be used to guide antibody detection against equine influenza virus in equines, improving the test specificity by aiming to avoid false positive results.