J. Godfroid, X. DeBolle, R.M. Roop 2nd, D. O’Callaghan, R.M. Tsolis, C. Baldwin, R.L. Santos, J. McGiven, S. Olsen, I.H. Nymo, A. Larsen, S. Al Dahouk & J.J. Letesson

Summary (continued)

Moreover, they may not properly value non-market outcomes, such as avoidance of human disease, consumer confidence and conservation biology issues. As a result, uncertainty is such that the economic predictions of these models can be questionable. Therefore, understanding the infection biology of Brucella species is a prerequisite. This paper reviews and highlights important features of the infection biology of Brucella species and the changing epidemiology of brucellosis that need to be integrated into a true One Health perspective of brucellosis.