Sorts of stamps… stamps of a sort
Both scientific and philatelic, Wild Mammals is an original book on hoofed animals. What started this adventure ? A book published in 2006, The Evolutionary Classification of Life Forms by Guillaume Lecointre, French zoologist and systems theoretician. His new classification of living beings deserved to be discovered by a wider public. The writing of this book also coincided with the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth (1809-1882) and the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species.

Jean-Pierre Mangin, President of the World Academy for Philately, one of its three authors, took up the challenge to avoid using photographs to illustrate the book. In all, he has selected two thousand stamps, two hundred coins, notes, maximum cards and post cards for its iconography. A first time for a zoology book destined for the general public.

Marie-Noëlle Goffin, a stamp artist, has completed the visuals with eighteen drawings, in particular when the stamps provided no adequate illustrations. Claude Guintard, Veterinary Doctor of Sciences at the Natural History Museum, Lecturer on compared anatomy at the Nantes veterinary school, provided scientific backing. Alain François, veterinary doctor, was in charge of all aspects concerned with the protection and hunting of wild game.