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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Organic livestock production: an emerging opportunity with new challenges for producers in tropical countries

Author(s) : M. Chander, B. Subrahmanyeswari, R. Mukherjee & S. Kumar

Summary :

Agrochemicals, veterinary drugs, antibiotics and improved feeds can increase the food supply while minimising production costs in various livestock production systems around the world. However, these days, quality-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking environmentally safe, chemical-residue-free healthy foods, along with product traceability and a high standard of animal welfare, which organic production methods are said to ensure. Organic production is not only a challenge for producers in developing countries, it offers new export opportunities as well. Organic agriculture is practised by 1.8 million producers in 160 countries, and production of organically grown food continues to increase steadily by 15% per year. Most tropical countries are now exporting organic agricultural products but, apart from organic beef from Brazil and Argentina, organic livestock products are yet to take off.
Animal welfare – Certification standards – Consumer choices – Hot climates – Organic foods – Organic livestock production – Problems – Tropical environment.

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