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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Modern pig farming in the People’s Republic of China: growth and veterinary challenges

Author(s) : S. McOrist, K. Khampee & A. Guo

Summary :

Cyclical oversupply and non-profitability situations have led to pig industry consolidations in the People’s Republic of China, with many smaller farmers leaving the industry. In 2007, pork supply worsened due to outbreaks of ‘high fever blue-ear disease’, a complex disease issue that includes highly virulent porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, porcine circovirus and classical swine fever. Best estimates suggest that 50 million pigs were affected. More recent natural disasters (earthquakes/freezing winters) have also limited pig production in some areas. Overall expansion of the Chinese breeding herd is now continuing at a good pace and is likely to be sufficient to supply the predicted 7% annual increase in demand for pork. High prices of feed ingredients (cereals and soybean) continue to create cost-of-production issues.
Backyard farm – Commercial farm – Classical swine fever – Farm system – Farrow-to-finish – People’s Republic of China – Pig farming – Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

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