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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Five years’ experience of classical swine fever polymerase chain reaction ring trials in France

Author(s) : F. Pol, M. Le Dimna & M.-F. Le Potier

Summary :

Since 2004, the French National Reference Laboratory for classical swine fever (CSF) has conducted an annual proficiency test (PT) to evaluate the ability of local veterinary laboratories to perform real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for CSF virus. The results of five years of testing (2004-2008) are described here. The PT was conducted under blind conditions on 20 samples. The same batch of samples was used for all five years. The number of laboratories that analysed the samples increased from four in 2004 to 13 in 2008. The results of the PT showed the following: cross-contamination between samples and deficiencies in RNA preparation can occur even in experienced laboratories; sample homogeneity should be checked carefully before selection; samples stored at –80°C for several years remain stable; and poor shipment conditions do not damage the samples with regard to detection of CSF virus genome.
Classical swine fever – Inter-laboratory comparison test – Laboratory diagnosis – Pestivirus – Quality management – Real-time polymerase chain reaction – Reference laboratory.

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