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Product title :

Destructive tension: mathematics versus experience – the progress and control of the 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in Great Britain

Author(s) : L.M. Mansley, A.I. Donaldson, M.V. Thrusfield & N. Honhold

Summary :

The 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic in Great Britain was characterised by control using both traditional and novel methods, some resulting from conclusions of mathematical models. Seven days before the implementation of the novel controversial automatic pre-emptive culling of all susceptible livestock on premises adjacent to infected premises (the ‘contiguous cull’), the spread of infection had already been controlled by a combination of the traditional stamping out policy with a national movement ban on livestock. A second controversial novel policy requiring the slaughter of sheep within 3 km of premises on which disease had been confirmed (the 3-km cull) also commenced after the peak of infection spread, was untargeted and took several weeks to complete; serosurveillance of culled sheep detected infection in only one flock, suggesting that cryptic infection of sheep was not propagating the epidemic.
2001 – 3-km sheep cull – Biosecurity – Britain – Contiguous culling – Control procedure – Foot and mouth disease – Great Britain – Mathematical model – Stamping out.

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