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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Atmospheric dispersion models and their use in the assessment of disease transmission

Author(s) : J. Gloster, L. Burgin, A. Jones & R. Sanson

Summary :

Atmospheric dispersion models can be used to assess the likely airborne spread of both plant and animal diseases. These models, often initially developed for other purposes, can be adapted and used to study past outbreaks of disease as well as operationally to provide advice to those responsible for containing or eradicating disease in the event of a specific emergency. The models can be run over short periods of time where emissions and infection periods can be accurately determined or in situations requiring a statistical approach perhaps covering many weeks or even months. They can also be embedded within other simulation models, i.e. models which seek to represent a wider variety of disease transmission mechanisms. Whilst atmospheric dispersion models have been used successfully in a number of instances, they have the potential for wider application in the future. To achieve maximum success in these ventures, close collaboration between the modellers and scientists from the appropriate range of disciplines is required.
Atmospheric dispersion model – Bluetongue – Disease transmission – Foot and mouth disease.

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