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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

A review of tests available for use in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in non-bovine species

Author(s) : D.V. Cousins & N. Florisson

Summary :

Bovine tuberculosis is an important disease that has impacts on regional and international trade. The disease can affect both social and economic stability and have a deleterious affect on species diversity. The intradermal tuberculin test has been in use for almost a century and, despite the technological advances of the last two decades, is still the only prescribed test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle. Many other species of animal, including humans, can be infected with Mycobacterium bovis. This paper reviews the various tests that have been used by researchers for detecting infection with M. bovis in a variety of animal species, and attempts to prioritise or comment on the importance of having appropriately validated diagnostics for the different species. The difficulties of test validation using small numbers of animals, especially when tuberculosis occurs in only a few instances or the species of animal affected is rare and/or valuable, are discussed.

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