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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

An epidemiological study of sheep pox infection in Karnataka state, India

Author(s) : V. Bhanuprakash, A.R.S. Moorthy, G. Krishnappa, R.N. Srinivasa Gowda & B.K. Indrani

Summary :

Analysis of retrospective quantitative sheep pox epidemiological data from the Government Animal Husbandry Department, Karnataka, India, covering 24 years revealed significant information on sheep pox. The state has a dense sheep population including some valuable breeds. Data revealed the endemicity of the disease: there were a considerable number of outbreaks and attacks, high mortality and case fatality rates and low immunisation coverage. None of the years studied were free from infection. Temporally, the disease was most prevalent between November and May. Spatially, the disease was recorded in 19 out of 27 districts; in some of these districts sheep pox was highly endemic, in some it was endemic at low levels and in the remaining districts outbreaks occurred sporadically. Environmental factors influenced disease occurrence. Vaccine production met only one tenth of the requirement, and its peak utilisation was in the dry season.

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