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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Campylobacteriosis in a low-income community in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Author(s) : C. López, A. Agostini, G. Giacoboni, F. Cornero, D. Tellechea & J.J. Trinidad

Summary :

The authors describe the problem of campylobacteriosis in a low-income community located in southern Buenos Aires. Homes in the area were classified according to their total number of inhabitants, the number of children and animals living in the house and the amount of poultry meat consumed. Samples were taken from all the different types of homes that had been identified in order to isolate, identify and type Campylobacter sp., using the modified Skirrow technique, bio-chemical tests and the Lior technique respectively. The prevalences found were 16.96% in dogs, 20% in cats and 40% in poultry. The pathogens isolated were Campylobacter jejuni type II in 94.44% of the cases and Campylobacter upsaliensis in 5.55% of the cases. In poultry meat, 92.85% of the samples were positive (23.07% for type I and 76.92% for type II). The incidence of diarrhoea in children caused by C. jejuni was 0.4‰ children/month (type I in all cases). A high prevalence of C. jejuni type II was detected in pets and in poultry meat. The source of infection in children may have been poultry meat.

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