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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Sustainable veterinary medicine for the new era

Author(s) : J.H. Lin, K. Kaphle, L.S. Wu, N.Y.J. Yang, G. Lu, C. Yu, H. Yamada & P.A.M. Rogers

Summary :

Sustainability aims to harmonise life on Earth without compromising the essential natural resources that should be the birthright of future generations. ‘Sustainable medicine’ (SM) is just one component of the wide range of possible sustainable approaches to peaceful co-existence. Sustainable medicine envisions an uncomplicated system of maintaining the health of people and animals, both now and for many years to come. This type of medicine is based on ancient wisdom, knowledge and healing arts, combined with the advantages and technical achievements of modern science and other areas of medicine; it is an integrated approach to preventive, safe and affordable healing. The term sustainable medicine also implies that the main therapeutic materials used in the course of practising this type of medicine can be replaced or replenished with minimal environmental damage after harvesting. The aim of sustainable medicine is to maintain the balance of nature, allowing an estimated 7 to 100 million species of life forms to co-exist and reproduce, and to sustain the long-term future of this planet.

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