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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Neutralising antibody titration in 25,000 sera of dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies in France, in the framework of the new regulations that offer an alternative to quarantine

Author(s) : F. Cliquet, Y. Verdier, L. Sagné

Summary :

Regulations governing international movements of domestic carnivores from rabies-infected to rabies-free countries have recently been loosened, with the adoption of a system that combines vaccination against rabies and serological surveillance (neutralising antibody titration test with a threshold of 0.5 UI/ml). Since 1993, the Research Laboratory for Rabies and Wild Animal Pathology in Nancy, France, has analysed over 25,000 sera from dogs and cats using a viral seroneutralisation technique. The statistical analyses performed during this time show that cats respond better than dogs. Although no significant difference in titres was observed between primovaccinated and repeat-vaccinated cats, repeat-vaccinated dogs had titres above 0.5 IU/ml more frequently. In primovaccinated dogs, monovalent vaccines offered a better serological conversion rate than multivalent ones. Finally, the results of these analyses showed a strong correlation between antibody counts and the time that elapsed between the last vaccination and the blood sampling.

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