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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Water requirements for livestock production: a global perspective

Author(s) : A.C. Schlink, M.-L. Nguyen & G.J. Viljoen

Summary :

Water is a vital but poorly studied component of livestock production. It is estimated that livestock industries consume 8% of the global water supply, with most of that water being used for intensive, feed-based production. This study takes a broad perspective of livestock production as a component of the human food chain, and considers the efficiency of its water use. Global models are in the early stages of development and do not distinguish between developing and developed countries, or the production systems within them. However, preliminary indications are that, when protein production is adjusted for biological value in the human diet, no plant protein is significantly more efficient at using water than protein produced from eggs, and only soybean is more water efficient than milk and goat and chicken meat.
Livestock production – Protein, biological value – Virtual water – Water – Water efficiency – Water pricing – Water quality – Water usage.

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