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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Toward a global foot and mouth disease vaccine bank network

Author(s) : P.V. Barnett, J.B. Bashiruddin, J.M. Hammond, D.W. Geale & D.J. Paton

Summary :

A network of foot and mouth (FMD) vaccine banks has been initiated with the support of vaccine bank managers and technical advisors that participated in a workshop held at the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, in the United Kingdom in April 2006. Terms of Reference that provide guidance for coordinated activities are under consultation. Practical and economic benefits can be realised from collaboration, which will be achieved through mutually acceptable mechanisms for the exchange of information and materials relevant to vaccine banks and their management. If administrative and technical hurdles can be overcome, the network has the potential to contribute significantly to the improved control of FMD worldwide. A ‘global’ and interactive vaccine bank association could be created by agreeing a system of resource sharing that could orchestrate additional emergency cover with vaccine or antigen from the reserves of network members.
Foot and mouth disease – Vaccine bank managers – Vaccine bank network – Vaccines – Virtual bank.

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