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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Bluetongue control strategy, including recourse to vaccine: a critical review

Author(s) : V. Caporale & A. Giovannini

Summary :

The bluetongue (BT) epidemic that has prevailed in Europe since 2000 is the first example of continental spread of the BT virus (BTV) in large naive populations of susceptible animals. Based on the results of intensive surveillance and research in countries of the southern Mediterranean that were affected by the infection early on in the epidemic, a new strategy for prevention and control of the disease was developed to limit direct losses and to reduce the consequences due to movement restrictions. The basic innovations that were introduced were the use of mass vaccination of all domestic ruminant species to limit the spread of BTV and the use of intensive active surveillance to limit, as far as possible, the zone where movement restrictions must be applied. The novel strategy that was adopted dramatically reduced the number of clinical outbreaks in southern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin and ensured safer animal trade. In 2006, the first BTV-8 epidemic occurred, this time in north-western Europe. During this epidemic, affected countries adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach.
Bluetongue – Bovine – Disease control – Inactivated vaccine – Insect control – Modified live virus vaccine – Movement restriction – Sheep.

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