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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Why own an exotic pet?

Author(s) : F. Moutou & P.-P. Pastoret

Summary :

Even though people have owned a wide variety of companion animals since times of old, the modern craze for increasingly exotic and little-known species raises a number of questions, including some of an ethical nature. While trade in exotic animals is certainly profitable for those who practise it, it poses great risks of varying types: ecological risks, threats to biodiversity conservation and health risks. Several introduced animal populations have gone on to establish a line in their new host country. We are just starting to measure the adverse impact this has had, in some cases on a very large scale. The veterinary profession doubtless has a major role to play in endeavouring to reform this trade in living creatures that unfortunately results in many losses.
Biodiversity – Companion animal – Ecology – Ethics – Exotic species – Health implications – Risk – Trade.

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