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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Invasive arthropods

Author(s) : C.J. Sanders, P.S. Mellor & A.J. Wilson

Summary :

Many arthropod species have been transported around the globe and successfully invaded new regions. Invasive arthropods can have severe impacts on animal and human health, agriculture and forestry, and the biodiversity of natural habitats as well as those modified by humans. The economic and environmental effects of invasion can be both direct, through feeding and competition, and indirect, such as the transmission of pathogens. In this paper, the authors consider ten examples that illustrate the main mechanisms of introduction, the characteristics that enable species to rapidly expand their ranges and some of the consequences of their arrival.
Ant – Arthropod – Environmental change – Food security – Global transport – Insect – Invasive species – Mite – Mosquito – Tick.

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