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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

New developments in the diagnosis of avian influenza

Author(s) : S. Belák, I. Kiss & G.J. Viljoen

Summary :

Avian influenza has become a serious concern from both veterinary and public health points of view. National and international organisations, veterinary health authorities, research institutions, diagnostic laboratories and field services make enormous efforts worldwide to detect, combat and prevent this important disease. Accordingly, the standard diagnostic protocols are being supported by a wide variety of molecular detection techniques, including improved polymerase chain reaction assays, microarray-based detection and characterisation methods, very rapid sequencing, simple pen-side tests and other on-site approaches.
Avian influenza – Isothermal amplification – Microarray – Molecular diagnosis – Pathotyping – Pen-side test – Polymerase chain reaction – Proximity ligation – Rapid sequencing – Standardisation.

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