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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Protective role of interferon-induced Mx GTPases against influenza viruses

Author(s) : O. Haller, P. Staeheli & G. Kochs

Summary :

Mx proteins are interferon-induced large GTPases with antiviral activities. They inhibit a wide range of viruses by blocking early stages of the replication cycles. Importantly, Mx GTPases also suppress the growth of highly pathogenic influenza A viruses, such as currently circulating H5N1 viruses or the pandemic H1N1 virus strain of 1918. In this paper, the authors review the properties of Mx proteins and discuss their role in host defence against highly pathogenic viruses.
1918 pandemic influenza virus – Avian influenza virus – Dynamin – H5N1 – Host adaptation – Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus – Infectious salmon anaemia virus – Influenza virus – Interferon – Interferon antagonist – MxA – Mx GTPase – Mx1 – Nonstructural protein 1 – Pandemic preparedness – Trans-species transmission – Vesicular stomatitis virus – Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus – White leghorn – Zoonoses.

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