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Animal health economics: an aid to decision-making on animal health interventions – case studies in the United States of America

Author(s) : T.L. Marsh, D. Pendell & R. Knippenberg

Summary :

For animal disease events the outcomes and consequences often remain unclear or uncertain, including the expected changes in benefits (e.g. profit to firms, prices to consumers) and in costs (e.g. response, clean-up). Moreover, the measurement of changes in benefits and costs across alternative interventions used to control animal disease events may be inexact. For instance, the economic consequences of alternative vaccination strategies to mitigate a disease can vary in magnitude due to trade embargoes and other factors. The authors discuss the economic measurement of animal disease outbreaks and interventions and how measurement is used in private and public decision-making. Two illustrative case studies in the United States of America are provided: a hypothetical outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle, and the 2014–2015 outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry.

Animal health economics – Avian influenza – Decision-making – Disease burden – Foot and mouth disease – Interventions – Metrics – Uncertainty.

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