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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Achieving an optimal allocation of resources for animal health surveillance, intervention and disease mitigation

Author(s) : B. Häsler, A. Delabouglise & S. Babo Martins

Summary :

The primary role of animal health economics is to inform decision-making by determining optimal investments for animal health. Animal health surveillance produces information to guide interventions. Consequently, investments in surveillance and intervention must be evaluated together. This article explores the different theoretical frameworks and methods developed to assess and optimise the spending of resources in surveillance and intervention and their technical interdependence. The authors present frameworks that define the relationship between health investment and losses due to disease, and the relationship between surveillance and intervention resources. Surveillance and intervention are usually considered as technical substitutes, since increased investments in surveillance reduce the level of intervention resources required to reach the same benefit. The authors also discuss approaches used to quantify externalities and non-monetary impacts. Finally, they describe common economic evaluation types, including optimisation, acceptability and least-cost studies.


Animal health – Economic efficiency – Intervention – Least-cost study – Mitigation – Optimal investment – Surveillance – Value.

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