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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Evaluation of the bacteriological quality of raw cow’s milk at various stages of the milk production chain on farms in Algeria

Author(s) : M. Hamiroune, A. Berber & S. Boubekeur

Summary :

This study evaluates hygiene practices on 53 dairy farms in the Jijel and Blida regions of Algeria. A survey questionnaire was drawn up covering milking conditions and cleaning of the equipment. In parallel, bacteriological analyses were carried out to estimate the rate, source and development of bacterial contamination in raw milk produced on the farm. In addition, screening was performed to detect the presence of inhibitor residues. The results of the survey revealed poor livestock conditions and milking practices that could explain the presence of bacteria in cow’s milk. The bacteriological results showed that 76.1% of milk samples taken from cow udders complied with legal standards, compared with only 35.8% of milk samples taken from storage tanks. Moreover, bacterial inhibitors were detected in 28.8% of milk samples. These results showed that the hands of milkers, udders, teat cups, utensils, the water used during milking and the milking environment were all potential sources of milk contamination by the bacteria under investigation.

Algeria – Bacterial contamination − Bacteriological quality – Cows − Hygiene practices – Milking – Raw milk.

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