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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The role of animal reservoirs in social–environmental landscapes: remarks on the control of avian influenza and preparedness for pandemics

Author(s) : M.P. Ortiz-Rodríguez, G.C. Ramírez-Nieto & L.C. Villamil-Jiménez

Summary :

Influenza viruses are well known for their ability to infect and cause disease in a broad range of hosts. Modern advances in reverse genetics have enabled scientists to probe the mutations that allow influenza viruses to perform host switching. Despite this detailed understanding of the molecular modifications that allow host switching and adaptation, there is a gap in knowledge regarding the factors external to the virus and their interactions that act as triggers leading to a pandemic. Studies on the ecology of zoonotic pathogens should be the new paradigm for understanding not only influenza viruses but any other infectious disease that can be a threat to animal and human health. The literature regarding influenza pandemics and influenza virus reservoirs was reviewed to analyse how social and economic changes can influence the appearance of new outbreaks of influenza. In addition, the importance of new research in a dynamic environment driven by the expansion of human territories and animal production systems is highlighted. A new paradigm is proposed for novel research approaches to infectious diseases such as influenza.


Disease ecology – Ecosystem remodelling – Influenza virus – Pandemic – Reservoir – Spill-over.

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