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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Epidemiological surveillance in dairy farms in the Pastaza province of Ecuador

Author(s) : M. Pérez Ruano, et al.

Summary :

A survey was carried out on dairy cattle farms in Pastaza province to analyse the degree of compliance with epidemiological surveillance activities (based on the main technical aspects in Ecuador’s Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practices) and to assess the reduction of the risk of introducing disease into dairy cattle. Visits were made to 70 dairy and dual-purpose beef/dairy farms, where the survey was conducted to evaluate technical aspects relating to epidemiological surveillance and the risk of introducing disease. In only one of the nine areas of application covered in the guide was compliance with technical requirements greater than 70%: milking and milk handling (78.59%). In the following areas, a compliance rate of 40–65% was achieved: records and traceability; siting of livestock farms and infrastructure, facilities and equipment; use and quality of water and animal feed; and management of veterinary products and agricultural pesticides. In the remaining areas, the compliance rate was less than 20%. On average, there was only 27.96% compliance with the technical elements evaluated.


Cattle – Ecuador – Epidemiological – Good husbandry practices – Surveillance.

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