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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Genomics and outbreaks: foot and mouth disease

Author(s) : G.L. Freimanis, A. Di Nardo, K. Bankowska, D.J. King, J. Wadsworth, N.J. Knowles & D.P. King

Summary :

Foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) is an animal pathogen of global economic significance. Identifying the sources of outbreaks plays an important role in disease control; however, this can be confounded by the ease with which FMDV can spread via movement of infected livestock and animal products, aerosols or fomites, e.g. contaminated persons and objects. As sequencing technologies have advanced, this review highlights the uses of viral genomic data in helping to understand the global distribution and transboundary movements of FMDV, and the role that these approaches have played in control and surveillance programmes. The recent application of next-generation sequencing platforms to address important epidemiological and evolutionary challenges is discussed with particular reference to the advent of ‘omics’ technologies.

Foot and mouth disease virus – Genomics – Molecular epidemiology – Next-generation sequencing – Outbreak tracing – Sanger sequencing – Sequencing – Viral diversity – Virus.

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