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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Disease prevention and anti-vector campaigns: insects

Author(s) : J. Esterhuizen

Summary :

Control of insect vector populations is an integral part of disease management but has many challenges. Area-wide campaigns, mainly based on insecticide administration, are most effective for control of insect populations, whereas disease prevention is more localised and protects a smaller number of animals against insect vector contact. Various control and prevention techniques are available for use against most insect vectors and are illustrated here by focusing on two important insect groups: biting midges and tsetse flies. Biting midges (Culicoides) present a major threat and challenge to disease and vector control because of limited large-scale control options and the huge population sizes and wide distribution of these insects. Localised disease prevention forms the basis for control, and there is a need for better understanding of the ecology and biology of these insects in order to develop large-scale control techniques.

Biting midge – Control – Culicoides Glossina – Insect vector – Prevention – Trypanosomosis – Tsetse fly.

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