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Importance of vector-borne infections in different production systems: bovine trypanosomosis and the innovation dynamics of livestock producers in Senegal

Author(s) : F. Bouyer, J. Bouyer, M.T. Seck, B. Sall, A.H. Dicko, R. Lancelot & E. Chia

Summary :

In Senegal, a project has been undertaken to eradicate a population of tsetse flies (Glossina palpalis gambiensis) from a prime area for intensifying livestock production – the coastal region of Niayes. The project is intended to remove the constraint of trypanosomosis and allow the ecological intensification of cattle production. A cross-sectional analysis of ten case studies was the inductive phase of an assessment to gauge the impact of removing trypanosomosis on livestock production strategies. The methodology used was comprehensive analysis, with participatory epidemiology tools to understand farmers’ rationales. The authors analysed the strategies of three main types of livestock producer (agro-pastoralists, mixed crop/livestock farmers and intensive dairy farmers). The strategies were in line with the farmers’ goals and their ability to mobilise the socio-technical network.

Actor–network theory – African animal trypanosomosis – Animal health risk – Bovine – Case study – Cattle breed – Comprehensive analysis – Ecological intensification – Livestock production system – Niayes region – Vector-borne disease – Senegal.

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