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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Mosquitoes and Culicoides biting midges: vector range and the influence of climate change

Author(s) : A.R.W. Elbers, C.J.M. Koenraadt & R. Meiswinkel

Summary :

Vector-borne animal diseases pose a continuous and substantial threat to livestock economies around the globe. Increasing international travel, the globalisation of trade, and climate change are likely to play a progressively more important role in the introduction, establishment and spread of arthropod-borne pathogens worldwide. A review of the literature reveals that many climatic variables, functioning singly or in combination, exert varying effects on the distribution and range of Culicoides vector midges and mosquitoes. For example, higher temperatures may be associated with increased insect abundance – thereby amplifying the risk of disease transmission – but there are no indications yet of dramatic shifts occurring in the geographic range of Culicoides midges. However, the same cannot be said for mosquitoes: over the last few decades, multiple Asian species have established themselves in Europe, spread and are unlikely to ever be eradicated.

Aedes Anopheles – Climate change – Culex Culicoides imicola – Dispersal – Global warming – Midge – Mosquito – Ochlerotatus – Range expansion – Wind.

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