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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The value of increasing the role of private individuals and organisations in One Health

Author(s) : T. Mörner, J. Fischer & R. Bengis

Summary :

Few non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have been involved in work with wildlife diseases and the One Health concept. However, there are several NGOs and scientific institutions, on international and national levels, that can potentially play a significant role in furthering the objectives of the One Health concept by contributing to wildlife health or wildlife disease knowledge and collaborations. This is because many NGOs have dedicated members that voluntarily become involved in the wildlife aspect of the One Health concept, in many different ways. The authors have identified six international organisations, and ten national organisations that could well be involved in this work. They recommend that the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Delegates, and OIE National Focal Points for Wildlife in different countries, focus on establishing links and collaboration between the Veterinary Services (including Focal Points) and various NGOs, as well as scientific institutions both on a national level and international level.

Disease – Lobbying – Media – Monitoring – Non-governmental organisation – One Health – Surveillance – Wildlife.

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