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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

One Health in a world with climate change

Author(s) : P.F. Black & C.D. Butler

Summary :

The One Health movement, as defined in this paper, has progressed from a focus on emerging infectious diseases to a broader set of challenges that include food security and food safety. These interact with climate change, a so-called ‘wicked problem’ that has links to all human activity. Climate change acts as a threat multiplier that interacts both directly and indirectly with variables such as disease, food production, food security, food safety and poverty. A number of these interactions are briefly described in this paper before issues of complexity and interconnectedness between these variables are discussed. A common thread underpinning this current global challenge to civilisation is that the system is now dominated by the activities of humans – and many scientists label the current epoch the ‘Anthropocene’.


Climate change – Complexity – Disciplines – Emerging infectious disease – Food safety – Food security – Food system – Interconnectedness – One Health – Poverty.

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