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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Stakeholders in One Health

Author(s) : J.A.K. Mazet, M.M. Uhart & J.D. Keyyu

Summary :

The stakeholders in One Health include the ultimate beneficiaries (i.e. animals, people and the environment) and the organisations that work to protect them (i.e. research institutes, government ministries, international organisations and professional bodies). However, identifying these stakeholders who will contribute to One Health activities and develop solutions to complex health problems can be difficult, as these problems often affect all sectors of society. In addition, evolving concepts about health and its dependence on environmental resilience necessitate the inclusion of ministries, organisations and disciplines that may not have been traditionally considered to be related to health. The multilateral organisations with greatest responsibilities in the global health arena have recognised that the best way to protect health security and promote overall global well-being is to work together across disciplinary and jurisdictional boundaries.

Adaptive management – Collaborative approach – Community involvement – Global health – Ministerial oversight – Multilateral organisation – Non-governmental organisation – One Health – Stakeholder – University.

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