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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Pain and stress responses in farmed fish

Author(s) : V.A. Braithwaite & L.O.E. Ebbesson

Summary :

Farming fish for human consumption continues to expand as an industry and, with this increasing interaction with captive fish populations, there is now a growing interest in determining how to create good welfare for the fish we farm. This article summarises recent advances in our understanding of pain and stress responses in fish and how these relate to farmed fish welfare. Over the last decade several studies have examined whether or not fish feel pain, how aversive the experience is, and how such experiences may be mitigated through the use of analgesics. The basic neural mechanisms that enable the detection of tissue damage, i.e. nociceptive mechanisms, appear to be broadly conserved from fish through to birds and mammals, however, there is debate about the extent of the negative feelings associated with pain and whether these are truly experienced by fish.

Allostasis – Farmed fish – Pain – Stress – Suffering – Welfare.

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