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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Welfare of non-traditional pets

Author(s) : C.A. Schuppli, D. Fraser & H.J. Bacon

Summary :

The keeping of non-traditional or ‘exotic’ pets has been growing in popularity worldwide. In addition to the typical welfare challenges of keeping more traditional pet species like dogs and cats, ensuring the welfare of non-traditional pets is complicated by factors such as lack of knowledge, difficulties meeting requirements in the home and where and how animals are obtained. This paper uses examples of different species to highlight three major welfare concerns: ensuring that pets under our care i) function well biologically, ii) are free from negative psychological states and able to experience normal pleasures, and iii) lead reasonably natural lives.

Animal welfare – Companion animal – Ethics – Exotic pet – Invasive species – Pet animal – Pet ownership – Pet trade – Suitability of pets – Zoonosis.

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