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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Key determinants of dog and cat welfare: behaviour, breeding and household lifestyle

Author(s) : Q. Sonntag & K.L. Overall

Summary :

The changing role of companion animals, accompanied by changes in human lifestyle and demands, places them at risk of poor welfare. They are increasingly subjected to stressors that prevent the adequate expression of normal behaviour. Fear and anxiety often go unrecognised, leading to behavioural disorders that are accompanied by negative affective states and poor welfare. Irresponsible breeding practices result in increased incidences of inherited defects in pets, which adversely affect physical and mental aspects of welfare, either directly, through the anomaly itself, or indirectly, due to secondary effects. Increased urbanisation has resulted in smaller living spaces, higher population densities and longer working hours, all factors that affect the well-being of pets.


Behaviour – Canines – Cat – Companion animal – Dog – Felines – Genetics – Pet – Quality of life – Welfare.

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