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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Science-based management of livestock welfare in intensive systems: looking to the future

Author(s) : P. Vannier, V. Michel & L.J. Keeling

Summary :

As welfare is a multidimensional concept, its assessment should be a multidisciplinary process, providing a comprehensive assessment of animal welfare in any given system. The different measurable aspects of welfare may be turned into welfare indicators and assessed in a scientific manner. Assessment of welfare may combine different approaches that include the assessment of the production system and measurement of animal-based welfare indicators. With both approaches, however, risk managers face difficulties related to the availability of resources for implementing regulations and training staff. Most animal-based welfare indicators have the advantage that they can be measured whatever the production system; they relate to the animal’s experience of its own state. It is essential to confirm the reliability of the measures and their robustness to ensure valid welfare assessment, especially for a science-based management approach.

Inspection – Multidimensional concept – Multidisciplinary approach – Production system – Welfare assessment – Welfare indicator.

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