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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Lessons learned from past experience with intensive livestock management systems

Author(s) : G.M. Cronin, J.–L. Rault & P.C. Glatz

Summary :

The main impetus for ‘modern’ intensive animal production occurred after the Second World War, when Western governments developed policies to increase the availability of cheap, safe food for their populations. Livestock benefit under intensive husbandry by protection from environmental extremes and predators, and better nutritional and health management. Nevertheless, there are costs to the animal, such as impaired social behaviour, limited choice of living environment or pen mates, poor environmental stimulation and behavioural restrictions. The rapid progress in genetic selection of production traits has also, in some cases, adversely affected welfare by creating anatomical and metabolic problems.

Animal management – Animal production efficiency – Animal welfare – Domestic livestock – Intensive farming – Intensive production.

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