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Drivers of animal welfare policy in the Americas

Author(s) : S.M. Huertas, C. Gallo & F. Galindo

Summary :

Owing to its large size and ethnic, social, cultural and economic diversity, the Americas’ production volume is set to make the region one of the world’s leading providers of animal foodstuffs. Animal husbandry, transport and slaughter conditions vary from country to country in response to their differing climatic and geographic characteristics. This article examines the main drivers of animal welfare in the Americas, including the standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), legislation, codes of practice and advances in education, training, research and development. It recognises the important roles played by all the various stakeholders in changing perceptions of animal welfare by raising public awareness and promoting communication and cooperation as drivers of overall change in the Americas.

Animal welfare – OIE Collaborating Centre – Production animal – Regional strategy.

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