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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Linking live animals and products: traceability

Author(s) : A.G. Britt, C.M. Bell, K. Evers & R. Paskin

Summary :

It is rarely possible to successfully contain an outbreak of an infectious animal disease, or to respond effectively to a chemical residue incident, without the use of a system for identifying and tracking animals. The linking of animals at the time they are slaughtered – through the use of identification devices or marks and accompanying movement documentation – with the meat produced from their carcasses, adds further value from the perspective of consumer safety. Over the past decade, animal identification technology has become more sophisticated and affordable. The development of the Internet and mobile communication tools, complemented by the expanded capacity of computers and associated data management applications, has added a new dimension to the ability of Competent Authorities and industry to track animals and the food they produce for disease control, food safety and commercial purposes.

Animal health – Disease control – Food safety – Identification – Traceability.

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