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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Zoonotic foodborne parasites and their surveillance

Author(s) : K.D. Murrell

Summary :

Humans suffer from several foodborne helminth zoonotic diseases, some of which can be deadly (e.g. trichinellosis, cerebral cysticercosis) while others are chronic and cause only mild illness (e.g. intestinal taeniosis). The route of infection is normally consumption of the parasite’s natural host as a human food item (e.g. meat). The risk for infection with these parasites is highest wherever people have an inadequate knowledge of infection and hygiene, poor animal husbandry practices, and unsafe management and disposal of human and animal waste products. The design of surveillance and control strategies for the various foodborne parasite species, and the involvement of veterinary and public health agencies, vary considerably because of the different life cycles of these parasites, and epidemiological features.

Cysticercosis – Parasite – Surveillance – TaeniaTrichinella – Trichinellosis – Zoonosis.

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