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Product title :

Integration of animal health, food pathogen and foodborne disease surveillance in the Americas

Author(s) : K. Hulebak, J. Rodricks & C. Smith DeWaal

Summary :

This paper describes the characteristics of surveillance and the attempts made in the Americas to institute truly integrated surveillance systems that bring together disease surveillance of medically treated clinical populations with disease surveillance for food-production animals. Characteristics of an ideal, integrated food safety system are described. Systematic surveillance programmes in the Americas vary widely in scope and reliability, and none is fully integrated. Estimates of foodborne disease rates, particularly in North America, are becoming increasingly accurate, and programmes such as those promoted by the Pan American Health Organization are gradually leading to improvements in estimates of the foodborne disease burden in Latin America.

Americas – Epidemiology – Foodborne illness – Integrated surveillance – Monitoring – Non-traditional surveillance technique – Outbreak – Pathogen – Surveillance.

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