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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The role of veterinarians in the farm-to-fork food chain and the underlying legal framework

Author(s) : M. Petitclerc

Summary :

While the metaphor ‘farm to fork’ is a simple way of describing the chain that starts with the animal and follows through to the food delivered to consumers, there is a danger it could convey the idea that it only covers the food chain. The author believes that the expression should be understood to refer to a broader field – which he calls the ‘veterinary domain’ – which includes all aspects of animal use and management and the goals of veterinary public health, which is itself defined. Within the veterinary domain, it is veterinarians who are the guarantors of animal health and protectors of animal resources, providing a vital component of food security and public safety.

Legislation – Safety – Veterinary domain – Veterinary profession – Veterinary public health.

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