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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Economics of brucellosis impact and control in low-income countries

Author(s) : J. McDermott, D. Grace & J. Zinsstag

Summary :

Most data and evidence on the economic burden of brucellosis and the benefits of its control are from high-income and middle-income countries. However, the burden of brucellosis is greatest in low-income countries. This paper focuses on estimating the economic burdens of brucellosis in low-income countries in tropical Asia and Africa. The prospects for national, technically feasible, and economically viable, national brucellosis control programmes in most low-income countries are limited. However, some targeted control programmes will be beneficial and can probably be feasibly managed and provide good economic returns. More ambitious control will require a more general strengthening of Veterinary Services and livestock-sector capacity, using risk-management-based approaches.
Africa – Asia – Brucellosis – Costs – Economics – Low-income countries – One Health – Programme impact – Zoonosis.

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