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Excerpt of product info
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The Russian experience in brucellosis veterinary public health

Author(s) : A.A. Denisov, O.D. Sclyarov, K.M. Salmakov & K.V. Shumilov

Summary :

Russia has extensive experience in controlling brucellosis in large and small animals, based on systematic animal health and disease control measures, combined with the use of specific prophylaxis. Widespread application of the live brucellosis vaccine Brucella abortus strain 82 has led to a dramatic reduction in the prevalence of brucellosis. Among the distinctive properties of this vaccine are weak agglutinogenicity and high anti-epizootic efficacy, which allow differentiation between infected animals and vaccinated animals, combined with protection against brucellosis infection. In this paper, the authors review brucellosis epidemiology, diagnostics, the application of vaccines and management procedures that allow the Russian Federation to reduce the overall prevalence of brucellosis.
Brucella – Brucellosis – Control – Diagnostics – Epidemiology – Epizootiology – Eradication – Russia – Vaccination – Vaccines.

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