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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Brucellosis in pastoral and confined livestock: prevention and vaccination

Author(s) : H.L. Smits

Summary :

The traditional lifestyle and beliefs of pastoralists and small-scale farmers with confined livestock, together with certain farming environments, create favourable conditions for the spread and transmission of brucellosis. The risks associated with these practices are difficult to control because of a lack of alternatives and simple and/or affordable solutions. Brucellosis affects the health and productivity of livestock as well as that of their owners and caretakers and can have a deep economic impact. The control of brucellosis is likely to be cost effective. Good quantitative information on brucellosis in livestock and the human population is essential for demonstrating the benefits of intervention. Effective vaccines for the control of brucellosis in cattle and small ruminants are available and cheap, and in high-risk areas there is an urgent need to start large-scale vaccination programmes.
Abortion – Brucellosis – Cattle – Control – Cost-effectiveness – Disease education – Goat – Hygiene – Livestock – Livestock census – Migration – Needs assessment – Pastoralist – Prevention – Risk analysis – Sanitation – Sheep – Surveillance – Tradition – Vaccination.

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