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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Brucellosis in terrestrial wildlife

Author(s) : J. Godfroid, B. Garin-Bastuji, C. Saegerman & J.M. Blasco

Summary :

The epidemiological link between brucellosis in wildlife and brucellosis in livestock and people is widely recognised. When studying brucellosis in wildlife, three questions arise: (i) Is this the result of a spillover from livestock or a sustainable infection in one or more host species of wildlife? (ii) Does wildlife brucellosis represent a reservoir of Brucella strains for livestock? (iii) Is it of zoonotic concern? Despite their different host preferences, B. abortus and B. suis have been isolated from a variety of wildlife species, whereas B. melitensis is rarely reported in wildlife. The pathogenesis of Brucella spp. in wildlife reservoirs is not yet fully defined. The prevalence of brucellosis in some wildlife species is very low and thus the behaviour of individual animals, and interactions between wildlife and livestock, may be the most important drivers for transmission.
Bacteriology – Brucella spp. – Brucellosis – Epidemiology – Livestock/wildlife interface – Serology – Wildlife.

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